Technology Transfer

The ever- growing trend of open innovation makes technology transfer for many companies a new option not fully considered to date and increasingly makes more sense to capitalize the knowledge and efforts of its technological developments unused. Licensing and technology transfer allows complementary to the normal activity of the business technology company growth.
The technology to be transferred is a valuable product / service that acts as a raw material for the competitiveness of enterprises. Thus, the technology transfer process begins with the need for business innovation (innovation project) and ends when the technology has been implemented in the receiver and has allowed him to create innovation (exploitation of innovation).
The work of technologists JOIN & WIN helps determine if knowledge to analyze meet the proper subject of a marketing plan conditions. We define the objective of this phase reflect the basic information about the scientific and technological knowledge to which the market valuation process , including information on:

Research group
Description and use of technology
Target User Profile
Innovative aspects of knowledge
Degree of development and protection of technology

We help determine whether market for knowledge being assessed, ie if a buyer willing to pay for it. In our analysis we include information concerning:

Potential customers
Existing competitors
Market size (geographic and economic)
Identified product-market combinations
Value chain

JOIN & WIN accompanies and assists in the process of negotiating and signing the partnership agreement to transfer technology and associated knowledge. We count on expert collaborators in the legal advice they need to take into account, inter alia, the following:

Licensing of patents and trademarks
Technical assistance and know-how
Territorial scope of the patent
Licenses and degree of exclusivity

In JOIN & WIN we are experts in developing technology integration in the company in all its processes to ensure internal adaptation of the know- how acquired.

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